Update on Sunday Worship

Dear Friends 

Books! My study shelves are full of them, but I haven't read them all.  In fact I have a whole pile of new to me books that I've purchased over the past year that I've not even touched!!  Will I get to read all of them cover to cover?  Probably not.  Do I know just enough about the majority of the books to know which one might be helpful as I ponder a sermon or am asked for advice on something?  Yes!  Books are great for expanding our knowledge, but also our understanding of how so many areas of life interact and engage with one another.  We are never too old to learn something new. 

This week Claire and I have been planning some collective worship sessions around favourite bible stories.  As we chatted away we realised that there are so many favourite bible stories that we would love to share.  Choosing just one or two and explaining the significance of the story to us personally was going to be really hard.  That got me thinking.  I wonder if you were asked to choose just one favourite passage or story what would it be and why?  Could you put into words why this story is important or significant to you?  Could you share the places where the story touches parts of your own journey of faith?  I wonder, would you be willing to put pen to paper and write those words up so that we could create a display in church and in school?  Perhaps you would be willing to include a photo too?  We might even be able to encourage the children to share some of their favourite bible stories and why with us. Please email these to Revd Paula rector.tovebenefice@gmail.com. 

Share Your Story - Tove Benefice

Continuing this theme there will be lots of other opportunities to get involved with schools ministry as we journey towards Lent and Easter. Claire is working on a Prayer Space project at Towcester Primary and will be visiting for one afternoon per week to work with different classes.  She also has planned some Easter Trail Events across the Benefice and would be delighted to have some volunteers to help to her.  Please email her at tovefamilies@gmail.com for more information. 

Finally, Revd Angela, Jane Small and Mary Blanchard have been hosting Time4Tea Wednesday on Zoom for a while.  It  provides an important space for people to socialise together over a cuppa. Unfortunately this coming week (Wednesday 19th) there will be no session.  However there will be session on Wednesday 26th January 2:30pm to which all are welcome.  The hope is to discuss the future and what might happen during Lent. 

With blessings and prayers

Revd Paula Challen

Sunday 16th January 2022 -  The Second Sunday of Epiphany

Update on Sunday Worship

Worship for this coming week
16th January 2022 -  The Second Sunday of Epiphany

Lectionary Readings for 9th January: 
These links will take you to Bible Gateway from the NIV:
Isaiah 62: 1-5,           1 Corinthians 12: 1-11            John 2: 1-11

The reflection this week is by Revd Lulu Pelly entitled "Wedding at Cana Year C

Zoom Services:
PLease click here and follow the on screen instructions. 
The meetings rooms are opened about 15mins before the service is due to start. All the liturgy for the service will be displayed on the screen. 

  • Sunday 10:15 am Benefice Sunday Worship
  • Monday to Friday 9.00 am Morning Prayer 

In Church Worship:
A reminder that face coverings are mandatory in places of worship, unless you have an exemption.
Please, therefore, ensure you are wearing a face covering at all times during our services.
If you forget to bring a face covering, we do have a box of disposable face masks in church.

  • Sunday 8am Holy Communion at St Bartholomew's, Greens Norton
  • Sunday 9:30am Holy Communion at St Lawrence, Towcester

For anyone wishing to read Revd Paula's document about why we have not returned to sharing the common cup please click here.


Worship in Church for Sunday 23rd January

Services for next week, the Third Sunday of Epiphany, Sunday 23rd January are:

  • Sunday 9:30am Holy Communion at St Lawrence, Towcester
  • Sunday 11am BCP Matins at St Bartholomew's, Greens Norton
  • Sunday 11:15am Holy Communion at St Augustine, Caldecote
  • Sunday 6pm Evening Prayer at St Michael's, Bradden

The Weekly News contains daily bible readings, prayer requests and all our additional notices for forthcoming events in the Benefice and for Churches Together in Towcester, together with other relevant or interesting notices.
If you know someone doesn't have internet access, please could you print a copy up and pop it through their door?

Bible Study will re-start on Tuesday 11th of January and will run until the end of February, it will be delivered through Zoom (click here). We will be thinking about some of the frequently asked questions about the bible and our faith. We will be using a book written by the well known evangelist and prolific writer J John. It has the catchy title "Will I be fat in Heaven". J John is a very clear thinker and all his writings are very scripturally based so participants will be enlightened and challenged. Anyone who wishes to join the group is very welcome to contact John at johnbooth1945@icloud.com or 07887423195.

Face coverings are mandatory in places of worship.
Please wear your face covering at all times whilst in Church unless you have an exemption.
If you forget to bring a face covering, we do have a box of disposable face masks in Church.  

Time4Tea has started via Zoom on Wednesdays at 2:30 pm.
This is an opportunity for people to natter and support one another across the Benefice. Please click here and follow the onscreen instructions to join.
The meeting ID is 838 1074 2222 and the passcode is 881601 should you require it.

Easton Neston Church and Churchyard visitors
If you have previously registered your number plate for access to visit St Mary's Easton Neston Church and Churchyard and it is not working the gate, please would you let Bev know on 01327 354385.

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Update on Sunday Worship

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