Donations to Ukraine

Dear Friends

Huge thanks to everyone who donated aid items or helped with the sorting and boxing in St Lawrence as part of the two collections run in March.
The responses were immediate and beyond belief – we were overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the community. 

The first collection achieved in excess of 25 tons of aid filling 7 vans, a number of cars, and part of a Ukrainian articulated lorry which was redirected on its way home and unexpectedly paid a visit to St Lawrence. The Ukrainian plated lorry filled with Towcester aid reversing back out of Chantry Lane onto the A5 was a spectacle to behold! We are pleased to report that Volodymyr the brave and skilled driver returned safely to Ukraine along with the other lorries to which Towcester aid was transferred into - one such lorry arrived at Vinnytsia and unloaded in their church just a few hours after the city had been bombed.

The second collection saw two members of St Lawrence congregation drive a van filled with specifically requested aid and medical items to a refugee centre in Koblynica, Poland. Here some of the aid was retained by the centre, whilst other items were transferred on to the Ukraine city of Sumy.

On 21st May The Vicarage welcomed 11 Ukraine families and their hosts to a picnic, which provided a valuable opportunity for them to meet and connect. We were delighted that Mayor Martin Johns and MP Dame Andrea Leadsom were able to join us in offering a warm Northamptonshire welcome to the families. It was wonderful to see the children play together after experiencing such traumatic times.

If you would like to see photos of these events please click here …

For those who would still like to make a financial donation below is a suggestion of four charities that you may wish to consider donating directly to: 

Thank you once again to everyone who has supported these amazing and much needed initiatives, it demonstrates the immense power of  community spirit.

Revd Paula and Steve Challen

Ukrainian Appeal - Tuesday 1st to Friday4th March

If you would like to see photos taken during those 4 days please click here or in the image above.

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