Tove Benefice Web Site

Welcome to the web site for the Tove Benefice


The Tove Benefice is currently served by a number of web sites, each with their own identity, character and information.  Whilst it is considered important to continue with this, it was proposed that the Tove Benefice has its own web site.   


There were a number of options; one was to simply redirect this domain name to the current web site, another was to use it as a hub to redirect users to the existing web sites or do this but also build the Tove Benefice site in its own right, which is the option currently chosen.


A first meeting chaired by Father Ben, with five others present, was held to “get the ball rolling”.  As this meeting was held mid week it is clear that many interested parties were unable to attend, but a clear message from this gathering was that we should have a clear idea of what we would like from a Tove Benefice web site, what we wish to see on it and what we wish it to achieve before proceeding.  To this end I extended an invitation to every reader of the Tove Messenger, this page and beyond (i.e. those who you know who may not receive or read the Tove Messenger, but who may also be willing to respond) to contribute to this project by leaving their comments, ideas, suggestion, proposals and also how they may be able to contribute by using the Your Comments tab.  It does not matter if your suggestions are radical or “off the wall” as past experience has shown that these can often help synthesise a fresh approach, so all are welcome.

We are looking for people to get involved with the project in all its aspects from the possibility of hosting the site to helping develop and edit the site as well as contributing material.  
Please feel free to comment on any aspect.  


We have elected to use ChurchEdit to host the Tove Benefice site as it has been created to be used by Churches and provides the option for multiple users to have access with support.


Feedback: Please indicate whether or not your comments can be posted on the web site and if you prefer to remain anonymous or credited with the comments.


Please make contact by using the Your Comments tab.

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