This Week's Notices

Week beginning 25th October

Individual Prayer - Current Time Table

Monday’s              10.00 am until 12.00 noon Greens Norton
Tuesday’s                     2.00 pm until 4.00 pm Towcester
Wednesday’s     10.00 am until 12.00 noon Greens Norton
Thursday’s             2.00 pm until 4.00 pm Towcester
Friday’s         10.00 am until 12.00 noon Greens Norton
Saturday’s             2.00 pm until 4.00 pm Towcester

Sunday Worship – Pattern for October

Sunday 25th October 11. 00 am  Holy Communion Greens Norton
Sunday 25th October    6.00 pm  Holy Communion Bradden
Every Wednesday 10.15 am  Holy Communion   Towcester

Sunday Worship – Pattern for November

Sunday 1st November   9.30 am  Family Praise Towcester
Saturday 7th November   6.00 pm  Holy Communion   Easton Neston
Sunday 8th November  10.45 am  Act of Remembrance  -  British Legion    Greens Norton
Sunday 8th November   9.50 am  Act of Remembrance Towcester
Sunday 8th November 11.50 am  Act of Remembrance Towcester
Sunday 8th November   1.50 pm  Act of Remembrance Towcester
Sunday 15th November   9.30 am  Holy Communion Towcester
Sunday 22nd November 11.00 am  Holy Communion Greens Norton
Sunday 22nd November   6.00 pm  Holy Communion Bradden
Sunday 29th November 10.15 am  Zoom Service  
Sunday 29th November   4.00 pm to 6.00 pm  Advent Prayer Space Towcester
Sunday 29th November   4.00 pm to 6.00 pm  Advent Prayer Space Greens Norton
Every Wednesday 1015 am  Holy Communion   Towcester

To reserve your space for Worship in Church.
In order to help us with the voluntary NHS Test and Trace data collection and to reduce potential queuing to get into services we would like to encourage congregations to reserve a seat for Worship in Church.
Please Note: You will be sent an email ‘ticket’ which confirms your reservation; you do not need to print it.
In order to collate the paperwork ready for the service the reservation system will close at 12.00 noon on Friday
You will also be able to turn up on the day, but please be aware that due to the 2m social distancing the capacity in our churches has reduced by 75%. Therefore once we are at our maximum seating we will not be allowed to admit any more people.

Benefice Office in open Monday to Friday 9.30 am until 2.30 pm daily
We have in place measures to keep them safe. 
Please do keep any visits to the Office as short as possible to avoid filling in Test and Trace Consent forms, use the hand sanitizer provided and keep to current social distancing recommendations.

Towcester Foodbank
Towcester FoodbankVolunteers Needed -  the Towcester Foodbank is still looking for a few more volunteers. 
Please contact Helen Garton (email or Revd Lulu (email if you would like more information or you think you can help....
The Towcester Foodbank is concerned that people in any kind of crisis are struggling to make ends meet and having to decide where their money is spent.   
Those people may not be aware that the foodbank is there for everyone who is in need. 
f you or anyone you know is struggling to buy food due to money problem please click here for further information.

shoebox appeal in Greens NortonSadly, it will not be possible to run the shoebox appeal in Greens Norton this year due to restrictions and uncertainty of future regulations. However, we hope that many of you who have regularly supported this worthwhile appeal over the years will continue to do so this year. There are two ways to send a shoebox this year:

1.Traditional packing 

It is still really easy to delight a child by packing a shoebox yourself in the traditional way and taking it to a reduced handling, socially distant drop-off location near you. November 9th -16th is the collection week and there are three places you can take your box.  St Peter’s Church, Brackley NN13 7BB (only on Wednesday 10 -12)  New Testament of God Church, Northampton NN1 2QF (all week)  The Entertainer shop Grosvenor centre, Northampton (all week) If you wish to fill a shoebox but are unable to deliver it to a collection point then we may be able to take yours when we take ours.

2. Shoebox Online
If getting out is tricky this year, you can select your gifts online and Samaritan’s Purse will pack and send your shoebox for you. If you want any further information or help then please go to the Samaritans Purse website or contact Kevin& Barbara Parfitt on 0127 353966 or

St Lawrence Church, Towcester and St Bartholomew's Church, Greens Norton
Open for Private Prayer
St Lawrence Church Towcester and St Bartholomew's Church Greens Norton have been open for a few hours on certain days of the week for for Individual Private Prayer. 
St Lawrence Church Towcester is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
St Bartholomew's Church Greens Norton is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 10.00 am to 12.00 noon and Sundays 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
More details along with two videos so you can 'see' some of the changes we have made in order to keep you safe can be viewed by clicking here.
We will continue to worship via Zoom from Monday to Saturday at 9.00 am.
If you wish to join us for that please email Rev Paula.

Important Notice about Public Worship
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are calling for Church of England Churches to put public worship on hold and become a “different sort of church” in the coming months to face the challenge of coronavirus.
Please do read this statement and join us along with the Archbishops in prayers.
For those who have planned a baptism, wedding or funeral we are awaiting advice as to whether these can continue.
If you wish to speak with Revd Paula or Revd Lulu the number is 01327 350459.

Please do share this post widely and let people not on Social Media know.

This Week's Notices

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