Who is that?

Looking at the picture of Jesus on the Cross Looking at the picture of Jesus on the Cross on the March Family Service sheet, a five year old asked his mother “Who is that?”

“That’s Jesus” his mother replied.

“But Jesus is a baby” responded the five year old.

So his mother explained that baby Jesus born in a stable grew up to be a man and died on the Cross.

As you receive and read the Tove Messenger for April  we enter into Holy Week, the week in which we remember in detail and depth the last week of Jesus’ life.

We meet in church each day of the week both in Greens Norton and Towcester to hear the story of Jesus’ Passion, that is his suffering on the Cross.

Cast your mind back to Ash Wednesday and to last month’s magazine when Fr. Ben invited us to spend this Season of Lent “to know Jesus more closely”.

Have you intentionally done this?

Have you spent time in study and prayer, perhaps attending one of the two Lent courses or embracing a particular discipline to help you grow closer to God?

Do you trust him more in every aspect of your lives?

Our two Lent courses, the York course ‘Praise Him’ focussed on five deeply informative songs from the New Testament and Archdeacon David led us through the gospel of Mark illuminated by Rowan William’s book “Meeting God in Mark”.

Both courses have helped us to get to know Jesus more closely, who he was and what he did.

Why should we get to know Jesus more closely?

There are numerous reasons, but one, highlighted in the second session of the York Course, in which St Paul in his letter to the Philippians invites us “to have the same mind that is in Christ Jesus” (2.2).

We can only be likeminded with others if we build a relationship with them, we know and do similar things.

In the same way, we can only have the mind of Christ if we really strive to know him as our master, friend and saviour.

At the end of Mark’s gospel,” the women who came to the tomb trembled and were afraid. They said nothing to anyone because they were afraid” (16.8).

We cannot tell others of Jesus unless we know him ourselves.

Rowan Williams describes the Resurrection as “the re-creating of a relationship of trust and love on the far side of the most extreme human realities, suffering abandonment and death” (p.66).

At Easter comes the Season of Resurrection as we experience the fifty days before Pentecost – during this time we will hear in our Sunday readings of the appearance of the Resurrected Christ to his disciples and others.

Jesus never gives up on us, he constantly invites us to know him, to travel with him, to hear what he has to say and more importantly share it with others. In this Holy Week and Easter and the Season of Resurrection we pray that we are not afraid to believe and trust in him and share our limited knowledge of him with one another and all whom we meet.

If the five year old asked us “Who is that on the Cross?” are we willing and able to give the answer and also say who He is and what He means to you?


Revd. Lulu

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