New Year, New Challenges

One of the great gifts of being alive is the potential to learn new things.
As a Christian we always have the chance to learn more about God, and his faithfulness and our call to be like him.
I have been reading John Knight’s book "Rain in a Dry Land", of his and Jill’s time living through a civil war and persecution, and also  through more normal but equally challenging times.
What comes out is a sense of learning to trust God more with all we are and all we have, and finding he is
then so much more able to transform our lives and the lives of our churches, even through to practicalities like church finances.

We begin a new year with a new budget set.
Last year St Lawrence will almost certainly have ended in the red using up their small reserves and so that cannot be repeated.
Across all of our churches this is a huge challenge.
This is a matter for prayer, preaching and planning, and each of us considering how we respond again, with prayer and careful decisions, please.
There are also exciting plans of what we might be being called to do as a church here in the Benefice. Building on Tots Own and Little Sprouts we are pushing ahead with Messy Church - an all age activity at different venues across the Benefice, trying to hold onto those links once parents go back to work or children start school.
Please pray for and support this.
You are welcome to come.

It is time to give a push for raising funds for the toilet and kitchen facilities in Towcester and also to repair the stonework.
God is faithful and does answer our prayers and our commitment to him when we really trust and give of
ourselves to him.
It is an exciting journey.
We will be having a Vision and Refresh Day on 24th March for members of the Benefice Churches.
Please put that in the diary now.
More details to come.

Ben Phillips, Rector

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