Tove Benefice Intercessions
August 2020

This is a list which is used over the week across the benefice.
Please take from it any items you sense and pray are right for the particular service at which you are leading the prayers on all our behalf.
Thank you so much

Pray for our Archbishop Justin and Donald and John our Bishops.
We pray for our own Ministry team.

2nd August       The Porvoo Churches – Bristol, Helsinki

9th August       For Province de L’Eglise Angilcane au Rwanda: The Most Revd Laurent Mcanda – 
        Archbishop of L’Eglise Epicopla au Rwanda and Bishop of Shyira and the Porvoo 
        Churches – Portsmouth, Stockholm

16th August  For the Scottish Episcopal Church; The Most Revd Mark Strange – Primus of the Scottish 
        Episcopal Church and Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness and also for the Porvoo 
        Churches – Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh, Aarhus

Our link diocese in Seoul, South Korea and for their Bishop Peter Lee Derek and Jane Waller for their CMS Missionary work in Madagascar For all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

Parish and Wider Concerns

2nd August     For us to invite others to know God and his love for them and to join us in his family. For those living in Nightingale Drive, Northampton Road, Northgate.   For all involved with Naturalists` Trust, The Blind Club

9th August     For us to make a difference in the world. For those living in Norton Crescent, Oak Close, Oat Hill Road, Old Greens Norton Road. For all involved with Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied Group (PHAB), Nene House

16th August    For a vibrant fellowship open to Gods transforming love. For those living in Old Post Office Yard, Moat Lane, Old Tiffield Road, Orchard Close, Ouse Lane.  For all involved with Towcester Youth Coffee House, Vision Youth Club

23rd August     For outward looking love. For those living in Park Mews, Park Street, Park View Road, Plank Houses. For all those involved with Tove Benefice Mothers` Union, Towcester Foodbank

30th August For growth in faith and trust in God, for our worship of God in all our lives. For those living in Plessey Close, Plover Close, Pomfret Road, Poplar Close. For all involved with Towcester CE Primary, Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary and Sponne Schools


2nd August        Eileen Grender    Jean White    Margaret Lawson    Eileen Scarff

9th August         Daphne Ruffle    Margaret Wardman    Nancy Adams    

16th August      Eileen Winnet    Lucy Keen                Barbara Creber                Mary Chaplin

23rd August      Jean Shepherd    Linda Wibley        Eileen Salmons                 Austin Fields

30th August      Olive Garner        Geoff Markham                David Thorne    

RIP 1st Anniversary
Toby Hope (15)

RIP Anniversary
Rose Hanson (8)    Jill Morris (10)    Mike Newton (11)
Antoinette Robertson (14)    Terry Bearman (16)    Jenny Mackenzie (17)
Bernard Tyrrell (18)    Barbara Slater (23)    Frank Bell (23)
Rodney Williamson (23)    Jacqui Marriner (25)    May Morris (26)
Catherine Loveday (27)    Martin Lloyd (28)    John Hobday (5 Sept)

Wedding Anniversary
Martyn and Katherine Harvey (10)
Robert and Michelle Allibone (16)



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