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Welcome to our weekly mailing of fun things for children and families.

This weekend will see the opening up of many more shops and services. 
The government has announced that Church services can go ahead. 
I am sure you will understand that this needs to be done practically and prayerfully, we will let you know when we feel we are able to do this. 
Please pray for Rev. Paula, Rev.Lulu and the Ministry Team as they work hard to make this happen as soon as it is safe to do so. 
We are currently opening two of our churches for private prayer. 
You can find out opening times and more information on our website HERE.

A quick reminder that we are currently holding Sunday Worship at 9.30am via Zoom. 
It would be lovely to welcome our families to this. 
Please email me if you are interested and I can send you the details.

For this week, we are going to look at Moses for the final time. 
This spectacular miracle is performed as Moses leads the Israelites away from slavery in Egypt.
God reveals his absolute power to them as he parts the red sea and gives them a clear path to freedom. 
As I reflect on this story I wonder what path God has for all of us as we begin to open up and be together again.

As ever, if you need any support, the ministry team are here to help. 
Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Have a lovely week and I hope to see you soon.

With Love,
Claire Reetz
Children and Families worker for Tove Benefice
07813 404061

Fun for Children and Families - Easter

Fun for Children and Families - Joseph


I hope that you are all well and that you have been sharing!

For this week, we are going to look at Moses for the last time. What can you remember about Moses? 

This time I have two stories for you! 
HERE you can see what happened to Moses while he was in Egypt. This story has lots of information which leads up to our main story.

Our main story is all about when Moses parted the Red Sea! This was an amazing miracle. You can watch it HERE.

I have a few questions about the story. Firstly, can you remember what a miracle is? What miracles did Jesus perform? (Here's a clue, we looked at one last week!)

How do you think the people felt when Moses parted the sea? Have you ever felt like this? When?

What happened when Moses got to the mountain? Do you think that this is important? Why?

I have found some craft ideas for you to try. You can have a look at them HERE.

Have fun exploring this story!

Love from Claire 

Fun for Children and Families - Easter

Fun for Children and Families

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